By: 11.20.07

Check out the new trailer for College Road Trip, with Martin Lawrence and Raven Simone.

Ever wondered what it’d be like if RV was more… urban? Had more… flava? Well wonder no more, because College Road Trip is like RV but with hip-hop style and all the maxin’ and relaxin’ and shootin’ b-ball outside of the school and getting jiggy and forshizzle.

Actually it’s just like RV but with Martin Lawrence instead of Robin Williams.  It’s all of the annoying manic-ness with none of the sunburn or backhair. Though we must warn you, this version does come with an oily anal discharge.  And Raven Simone.  And hold the phone, was that Donny Osmond?  

Let’s just hope College Road Trip lives up to the praise garnered by its "less-hip" cousin, of which Roger Ebert wrote, “There is nothing much I disliked but little to really recommend.”  With praise like that, it’s no wonder they remade it – it’s cinematic dynamite! …er Dyn-O-MIITE!

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