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By 08.22.10

Each week, FilmDrunk accumulates so many funny comments  that at the end of the week, we reward a “winner” with a prize and shower the best commenters with recognition.  Additionally, for the rest of the following week, we use the Comments section of this post as a place to nominate the best comments (bookmark it if you have to — we do).  And now you know.  So don’t be shy.  (Interested in supplying a CotW giveaway?  Email me.)

I’m still looking for a printer for the next run of shirts, but that should happen within the week.  I’ll certainly have a link where you can buy it as soon as they’re done.  In the meantime, I think I can set one aside for the winner.  And that winner is… Moose. For his comment on the Gary Busey is Norman Tugwater: Fantasy Football Lawyer.

Moose says: 
Norman Tugwater: *jumps out of tree* “Listen Butthorn, my client wants $10000 per game and his very own parking space. You have 4 days to comply.” *jumps down manhole, then appears in storm drain. “Hey” *bites onion* “I need to give someone a buck knife. I’ll be watching you!”

Perfect visual. And for that Moose gets a FilmDrunk shirt.  Honorable mentions:

From Tila Tequila Attacked By Juggalos, Hides in Trailer:

Moose says: 
Yeah Tila, real smart. They’ll never think to look for you in a trailer.

From a (*deep breath*) False Rumor About Angelina Jolie Playing Marilyn Monroe in a Biopic Told from the Point of View of a Dog Brought to America by Natalie Wood’s Mother. (*passes out*)

Donkey Hodey says: “Here, I got you a dog. I would have gotten you a fish, but I didn’t want to take the chance that it would be one of the ones my daughter has been sleeping with.” [Editor’s note: you really have to brush up on your history if you hope to understand my commenters’ tasteless jokes]

From Hugh Jackman Going to Japan for Wolverine 2:

Mark it Zero: Upon hearing the news, Tom Cruise immediately folded his kimono and booked the first flight out of Japan. [Editor’s Note: Tom Cruise? The Last Samurai? No gays in there?  Jesus, it’s like a who-can-be-more-obscure contest.]

From Liam Neeson Helps Russell Crowe Plan a Jailbreak:

Chareth Cutestory says:
Neeson: “Ok, now slowly slide the file in the cake before you apply the frost-
Crowe: “Mmmff?”
Neeson: “God damn it.”

From Steven Seagal’s Twin Gives his Webcam an Eagle-Claw Kung Fu demonstration:

Påüłÿ Ðąηgęrσűşľγ says: Eagle Claw Kung-Fu is useless. You can’t even block pop-ups.

ChinoMoreno says: Great. I just watched that and now my Blackberry is gone. [Get it? Eagle claw? Stolen Blackberry? (*sigh*)  Can you guys try not to be so hopelessly esoteric next week?]

From Little Fockers Trailer, in Which Ben Stiller Becomes “The Godfocker.”

Chino Moreno says: Matthew Broderick should star in The Godfocker since he wakes up to a horse head in his bed every day.

From Finding Scarfield a Girlfriend in Spider-Man Reboot:

The Mighty Feklahr says:
Because maybe.
You’re gonna be the one who saved by me.
And after all.
You make me web my wall … hunnnh … *skeet skeet*
Ya, tell me that little Scarfield douche doesn’t idolize Liam Gallagher.

From teaser released for I’m Still Here, the Joaquin Phoenix Cleveland Steamer Movie:

Danger Guerrero says:
*takes off monocle, shines it on lapel*
I say, my good man, I believe a teaser for a Cleveland Steamer is called “a turtle head.”


And finally, from Old Dirty Bastard sings “Buttercup.

theDeadbird says: I wish the old dirty bastard was still alive so I can tell him that he’s really not that old and if he wants he can come to my house and take a shower and then after I would help him find his dad.

Indeed.  Anyway, thanks for the laughs as always, folks.  Drunk on.  BOOSH.


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