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05.22.09 11 Comments

Brüno, Sacha Baron von Cohen’s follow up to Borat, was one of the new trailers attached to Terminator Salvation this weekend, and now it’s online below.  Even when he’s not funny I think Cohen’s kind of an evil genius.  I love peoples’ standard reaction, where they’re pretty sure he’s messing with them but have to feign total indignation just in case.  Still, I have to deduct quite a few points for them using a quote from Ain’t it Cool News at the beginning of the trailer.  I’m surprised they found something about the movie, they must’ve skipped past the six paragraphs where Harry tells you what his dogs ate for breakfast that morning.  Oh, but I’m not bitter.  I just thought my rifle needed a polish is all.  (opens July 10th)

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