Captain America vs. Captain Lesbian Hair: The new Scott Pilgrim trailer

06.01.10 7 years ago 17 Comments

Behold, the new trailer for Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, directed by Edgar Wright (Hot Fuzz), and starring Michael Cera.  Go ahead, get excited.  It’s okay, I know I’m the weird one.  I’m literally the only person on the internet who doesn’t get this.  Is it because I never read the comic book?  That didn’t hurt Watchmen or Kick-Ass.  Anyway, the plot is that Michael Cera and his Bea-Arthur-meets-Justin-Bieber updo fall in love with some chick who has pink hair and wears goggles on her head (had you heard? being a 4-Non-Blondes fanatic is the new wearing 80s sunglasses).  Then he has to fight her seven evil ex-boyfriends (that’s right, seven. clearly she’s a whore.), who include among them Jason Schwartzman with a sword and Chris Evans with a goatee.  And… that’s pretty much it.  Maybe the goatee is an allegory?

Like I said, I don’t get it.  I loved Youth in Revolt. This looks like that, but with gimmicky Requiem for a Dream editing and stupid hair.  Instead of clever dialogue, we get campy fight scenes and title cards for throwaway sound effects, like a finger pistol that says “BLAM” and a doorbell that goes “DONG“.  (Haha, ‘dong.’ -Ed.) Is that the whole story?  Oh my God, a guy who plays video games and likes girls!  Hold my phone while I sh*t my pants!

[hat tip: TheShiznit]

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