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08.01.07 3 Comments

Every other movie blogger seems to have a huge boner for Mandy Moore, whose latest movie, 'Dedication' has a trailer that just got posted. I guess I see the attraction, but she still seems like a slightly less cute version of Rachel McAdams with a much worse track record ('License to Wed', anyone?).

The next problem this trailer has is that it's introduced by the writer/director, Justin Theroux, who looks like the kind of trust fund east coast hipster whose nuts feel so nice on the end of my foot.  And then there's the synopsis:

Henry Roth [Billy Crudup] is messed up. A New York children’s book author who tells kids that Santa doesn’t exist, he hates sleeping with – and next to – anyone, including his girlfriend and must lay on the floor, usually with heavy objects on top of him just to feel safe. His motto is Life is nothing but the occasional burst of laughter rising above the interminable wail of grief.

Before the green preview slide even dissolves, I'm thinking, oh christ, another circle jerk about people who have it easy but make life hard for themselves because they're "quirky".  "Boohoo, I'm so broody and complex! I wish my parents would finance a movie about it!"

But then I watched the trailer, and you know what?  There were a couple of good lines in there.  It also got a pretty good review from The Hollywood Reporter.  What the hell, I'll give it a chance.  For you, Mandy.  Provided, you know, you're willing to overlook that Rachel McAdams comment I made earlier… 

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