Watch the new R-Rated trailer for Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Opening April 18th, Forgetting Sarah Marshall is the latest Judd Apatow-produced comedy to hit theatres.  It was directed by Nicholas Stoller, who previously directed Fun with Dick and Jane and somehow still has a job.

Judd Apatow movies can be awesome when they’re inspired, like Knocked Up and Superbad, or they can be mediocre and sort of set up – punchliney like Talladega NightsForgetting Sarah Marshall, starring Jason Segel (who also wrote the script) and Kristen Bell, is looking mostly like the latter, though the punch lines do at least seem mildly funny.  But you know what’s not funny?  Animal shelter overcrowding.  Spay your fuckin dogs, asshole.

Also, in the future, I’d like R-rated trailers to have something naughtier than someone saying “pubes” and a guy’s bare ass.  What am I, five?  What’s a guy gotta do for a little exposed labe every now and then?

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