Fox Wants Woman to Pay $15 Million for Posting Scripts They Didn’t Read

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11.30.10 26 Comments

According to a Hollywood Reporter story, “Twentieth Century Fox is taking aggressive steps to keep its movie and TV scripts off of the Internet.”  The complaint in question is a suit against Patricia McIlvaine, a Long Island woman who posted approximately 100 scripts online.  You’d think living in Long Island would be punishment enough, but Fox wants $15 million.  The only new script named in the suit was for Deadpool, the upcoming Ryan Reynolds movie.  Hey, guys?  Just say they’re suing her over Deadpool. Who cares if scripts for old movies are online?  Who reads a script for a movie they can just watch?  What is this, reverse college?

Cliff’s Notes me while I hit this beer bong, Yahoo:

On her personal website, McIlvaine describes herself as a “struggling screenwriter who sells flowers over the phone by day and writes scripts by night.” [I smell Katherine Heigl vehicle! –Ed] She says she collected scripts that were already posted on the web and made a free online library of scripts in order to assist other screenwriters. She’s already soliciting donations for a legal defense fund.

Fox’s lawsuit mentions various scripts including “Aliens,” “Edward Scissorhands,” “Wall Street,” and “Glee.”

Ooh, Glee scripts.  Yes, God forbid the Gleeks have access to spoilers like, “Gwyneth Paltrow ruins popular song.”  (Serious, this clip is worse than cancer).  I guess what the paranoid old farts are worried about is someone reading a script, telling everyone it sucks, and people staying home (even though, in this case, reactions were pretty positive).  But as we’ve learned, the cardinal rule of Hollywood is that No One Ever Reads Anything. Fox is shooting themselves in the foot by not letting the eager do their jobs for them.  After all, what could’ve prevented a line like, “I know it sounds like Star Wars love, but you could do it, you could be Captain America,” better than someone actually reading the script?

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