Friday Free for All: Een Soviet Russia, audition nails YOU

05.21.10 8 years ago 18 Comments

The other day on the Adam Carolla Podcast (which you should all begin listening to immediately) Adam was talking to Michael Jai White about how there should be a television channel dedicated to playing just TV pilots from the 70s that never got picked up.  Not only is that a brilliant idea, I say they take it a step further, and have another channel dedicated to just failed auditions.  First there was Chris Klein’s Mamma Mia audition from earlier this week (which seems super fake, yet no one has stepped forward to claim as a joke yet), and now there’s this guy, an apparently Eastern European immigrant auditioning for a part as the new Gorton’s Fish Sticks guy.

It starts off super awkward, but it gets pretty funny later on.  The move he does at “specially seasoned” in particular gets me every time.  “Come on, Bru, come taste feesh steek.  Ees only highest quality. I get from Lake. Look at me, Bru, you theenk I lie to you?”   Really, I think every spokesperson should be an Eastern European immigrant.  “Hmm, these taste suspiciously oily and my mouth is full of cat fur, but it’s nice to see that young man pursuing a better life.”

AFTER THE JUMP: A baby elephant in a kiddie pool.

Wow.  I want one.  If I had a pet baby elephant, I would be really nice to it, because an elephant never forgets.

[both videos via OhHaveYouSeenThis]

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