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Q: What’s wrong with this picture?  A: EVERYTHING.

After the jump is Jamie Foxx’s new music video for “Blame It (On The Alcohol),” which is basically the most generic (club song ever), but the video is (completely insane).  It has cameos by Quincy Jones, Sam Jackson, Forrest Whitaker, *cough* Bill Bellamy, not to mention Ron Howard and Jake Gyllenhaal, both getting that appearance on BET their whole careers have been leading up to.  Oh yeah, and did I mention the random shot of a dude in a panda suit?  I think that’s Clint Howard in there, Ron usually makes him cover his face at parties.  In related news, this officially marks Jamie Foxx’s complete transformation into Willie Beamen, his character from Any Given Sunday.

[thanks to Videogum]

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