Oh Please, Please Release Mel Gibson’s Beaver Movie

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11.04.10 20 Comments

American Film Market just released this new promotional still (here’s the originalcreate your own here) from The Beaver, the Jodie Foster-directed Black List script starring Mel Gibson. I’ve been waiting patiently for this movie to get made for like two years now, and sadly, pack of N-words gate has made its future very uncertain — probably even more so since The Hangover 2 cast decided to act like a bunch of Hollywood phonies (allegedly).  But at the least, a new publicity still is a positive sign that we might actually get to see this someday.

I don’t want to spoil it by reposting the entire plot synopsis, but the gist of it is that Gibson plays the alcoholic owner of a toy company who hits rock bottom when his wife (played by Jodie Foster) leaves him.  That’s when he finds a beaver puppet in the trash, who begins speaking to him in a British accent and helps him turns his life around.  To anyone who makes these kinds of decisions: please, please release this film.

“Oi, guv, dese packs a blackfellas sure is a randy bunch, dey is.  ‘Specially wiff da way you’s dressed. Oy reckin it ‘as me cravin’ a fag, it does.” (*da sound of ‘eavy breavin’*)

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