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07.23.09 22 Comments

Hey girl.  I came here with my friend, baby sloth, to let you know that it’s okay to take it slow.  Haha, get it, girl?  Because he’s a sloth?  Just kidding, girl, that’s not even really me in the picture, it’s Anderson Cooper.  That’s photoshop, girl.  But I still mean what I said about taking it slow.

Anyway, girl, here’s some pictures of me on the set of my new movie, All Good Things. Haha, they let me play with a dog.  And no, I didn’t mean Kirsten Dunst, that’s really mean, you guys.

Hey girl, I wore my other tuxedo shirt.

[picture source = here, thanks to RoboPanda for the tip, style bite from fyeahryangosling]

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