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11.20.09 13 Comments

Opening this weekend (trailers after the jump):

Twilight Saga: New Moon
Were you aware?  I think it’s based on a book or something.

The Blind Side
I’ve heard from semi-reliable sources that this movie is actually good, but I refuse to believe it.  No way a film with the exchange “That boy’s changin yer lahfe.”  “Nope.  He’s changin’ mahne” can possibly be taken seriously.  Purtend the quarterback’s yer new white momma, Mike!

Planet 51
It’s an animated kids movie about aliens, from the aliens perspective.  Probably great if you’re 8 years old, or trying to entertain 8 year olds.  Their little arms are so hard to pin down sometimes.

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans
Possibly my favorite movie of the year, you can read my review here.  It opens today in New York, LA, Chicago, DC and San Fran.  In five days it will be out in Boston, Philly, Dallas, San Diego, Seattle, and Phoenix.  If you live in one of those cities, go see it, or else Werner Herzog will strangle a newborn kitten and Nic Cage will have to sell his dinosaur skull.

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