“You look like sh*t,” The Supercut

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11.12.10 6 Comments

Here’s the latest movie supercut making its way around the internet, a supercut of “You look like sh*t.”  In the vein of No Signal, “Get out of there,” “You’ve got company,” and the Mirror Scare, you’ll never believe how often movie characters tell each other that they look like sh*t.  In fact, it’s five full minutes of actors telling each other they look like sh*t.  That’s a lot of sh*t.  These Hollywood types are so rude.  Maybe if they took a walk through the real America once in a while, they’d see that us “regular” folk say “please,” and “thank you,” and “good morning,”, and we don’t go round comparing each other to feces.

Meanwhile, I think Bruce Willis holds the all-time record for being told he looks like sh*t on film.  It probably would’ve happened more to Charles Bronson, except he’d scalp you before you’d even finished the thought, whether it was in the script or not.

Bruce Willis Last Boy Scout crazy eyes

[Thanks to Ben Craw at HuffPo for making this. Must’ve been quite a task.]

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