Cuba Gooding Jr. Gives A Young Thug Hater A Good Scolding

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04.07.16 21 Comments
Cuba Gooding Jr

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On this episode of Things I Didn’t Know About Cuba Gooding Jr., we learn that the Academy Award-winning actor is a Young Thug stan and will “catch a body” over haters dissing the Slime Season rapper.

The revelation was made recently when Cuba left a comment on Thug’s Instagram, calling a snippet from “F*ck Cancer” “literally better than anything the Beatles ever put out.” I would’ve guessed that was sarcasm, but this is the same man who tried to eat a smartphone during one wild night at a Miami club last month.

Still, one fan — who just got done calling Young Thug’s music “drunk deaf music on crack” — couldn’t believe his eyes and asked the People v. OJ Simpson actor if he was serious, writing, “Really? F**king Really?” Yes, really. “How dare you insult Thugga,” Cuba lashed out. “I was in Snow Dogs and won’t stand for this sh*t.”

And that’s when all hell broke loose in Thugga’s mentions. Hater sh*tted on Gooding’s 2002 film Snow Dogs and continued calling Young Thug’s music trash, but in a much more colorful way. This prompted Gooding to serve up a historical clapback that not even Zeus himself could’ve conjured up.

Fam, I SWEAR you finna make me catch a body. First off: Thug is an amazing rapper on a pure technical level, as well as being a great lyricists and stone cold G. And SECOND how DARE you speak ill of Snow Dogs, which was the top grossing movie of the YEAR?!? The Beatles NEVER had a movie and NEVER had any songs as good as Thug.

How many Oscars you have, punk? How many songs with Guwop you have, punk? Don’t you EVER besmirch EITHER Thugga or My name again. Otherwise, I won’t be “showing you the money,” I’ll be showing you these fists.

Well, “these hands,” but point taken!

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