There’s A Rift In DJ Khaled And Ace Hood’s Relationship

07.30.16 1 year ago 15 Comments

Listening to Major Key, it’s clear that DJ Khaled is missing something. He’s got a full roster over at We The Best Music Group, but only two of them show up: Kent Jones and Mavado. The other two missing are Ace Hood, who is always on his albums, and Vado, the forgotten signee. Unfortunately, it appears that there is a rift between Khaled and Ace Hood that doesn’t provide enough answers.

DJ Khaled was a guest on the Breakfast Club yesterday. Around the 29:40 mark, he begins to discuss Ace Hood. “Ace is doing his own thing,” he says. “That’s my brother, I support him 100%. He is [still signed], but he wants to do his own thing.” Khaled wants to reassure that there are no issues between the two and that it’s all love.

However, Ace Hood seems to have a different understanding of what happened between the two. “If ONLY everything u said on BF club was the truth my brother,” he tweeted at Khaled following the interview. So, the situation runs deeper than Khaled’s positive vibes. Was Ace dropped from the label? Did something shady happen? Is he stuck within the deal? That’s what Ace is hinting at, but he hasn’t spoken out or clarified anything.

Anytime you have two people who grew with each other in the industry drift apart, it’s disappointing. Ace Hood was able to make the most of his time on WTB. He created several hits, styles, and provided some outstanding music. Ruthless is the best album in his discography. In 2009, he was keeping up with the likes of Ludacris, Rick Ross, and others on the same songs.

At the same time, DJ Khaled has always been a better self-promoter than a label boss. Ace was able to go as far he did because it felt like Khaled believed in him, but that support waned in the last three-to-four years. Vado, who signed in 2014, has virtually gotten no support. The momentum he made with Cam’ron all got wasted. You look at Kent Jones who has a #1 hit with “Don’t Mind” and Khaled’s involvement in that has been small. Kent is signed to Cool & Dre’s Epidemic Records, WTB and Epic Records, so the role, beyond throwing him on Major Key, feels minimal.

Whatever happened with DJ Khaled and Ace Hood feels like it’s far from being over. Ace has to present his side of the story. Hopefully the two can resolve their differences and not let it affect each other for the long-term.

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