Jay Electronica Could Release ‘Act II’ in The Next 40 Days, But Will He?

07.03.16 2 years ago 14 Comments
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Jay Electronica is a sore subject. He’s the type to continually ask you where the party at and never show up. If you fell in love with his music, he’s probably given you heartache at some point in the last six years. Here’s some news to make your heart flutter: Act II might be coming in the next 40 days.

A series of tweets went up on Jay Electronica’s Twitter, before he deleted it today, about the idea behind Act II. It’s cool to read if you never heard the story, but it’s not exactly a new concept that Electronica has never shared. He’s talked about it in interviews and probably on Twitter. “The 2nd Act is called #TheTurn,” he tweeted. “This is where #TheMagician takes the ordinary something and makes it do something EXTRAORDINARY.”


Where does the 40 days part factor in? That’s all you wanted to know, right? HHNM was able to grab a screenshot of Jay responding to a fan who has a TIDAL free trial expiring in, you guessed it, 40 days. “You’re safe,” Jay Electronica responded.


July 2016 could be a devastating time for music fans if Jay Electronica and Frank Ocean end up not coming through. We’ve waited so long for Act II. The hype is still there, because Electronica will undoubtedly release a great body of work. You have to wonder how much bigger could he be if he capitalized after his signing. A finished version of the album existed in 2012 as he revealed the track list and he’s claimed to have “enough material for many albums.” If he had followed anything like a normal release cycle, we could’ve been on Act III by now.

Then again, if you ask Jay Electronica, he’ll likely tell you his train is running on schedule. Let’s hope it stops at the station finally.

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