Nicki Minaj’s Brother’s DNA Reportedly Matches Semen Found On Pre-Teen Rape Victim

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07.28.16 6 Comments

Nicki Minaj and Jelani Maraj

A usually active Nicki Minaj has been relatively quiet on social media lately. Perhaps it’s because her brother, Jelani Maraj, is staring at nearly two decades in prison after being offered a plea deal in his child rape case.

Prosecutors have offered Maraj 15 years in prison if he pleads guilty to “predatory sexual assault of a child” — a class A-II felony — after the 37-year-old’s DNA came back a match to the semen found on his underaged accuser. Maraj was arrested last December when a 12-year-old girl claimed Maraj raped and sodomized her for eight months, up until the day before he was arrested.

Bossip reports the assistant district attorney as saying the semen found in the victim’s pants was consistent to Maraj’s DNA to “the point in the hundreds of billionths of chance of it being any other individual.”

“…A DNA profile, a partial profile matching the defendant or consistent with the defendant, your honor, to the point in the hundreds of billionths of chance of it being any other individual, was discovered in the…pants of the complainant in this case, and also tested positive indicating the presence of semen,” Anthony Pirri, the assistant district attorney told the judge at a hearing July 26 in Nassau County Supreme Court’s sex crimes division.

Maraj was initially offered a plea deal for seven years in prison before being indicted by a grand jury in exchange for pleading guilty to “course of sexual conduct against a child in the first degree,” but rejected the offer. Maraj, who’s listed as one of Nicki Minaj’s employees, goes back to court in August. If he rejects the current deal, the child rape case starts in November.

(via Bossip)

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