Watch R.A. The Rugged Man Spotlight Fatherhood In His ‘Bang Boogie’ Video

06.14.16 2 years ago

Whether you can appreciate R.A. The Rugged Man’s off the beaten path fast flow or not, most underground rap heads are familiar with his rambunctious reputation. Aside from being openly disgusting on records and even towards fans, he apparently got dropped from Def Jam and had lawsuits against him from Jive. Despite his muddy MO, the New York veteran has apparently cleaned up his act a bit, even if only for his “Bang Boogie” video.

This touching new clip finds The Rugged Man revisiting a fan favorite, centering this touching new video around his four month old daughter. By mixing old footage from his peak wild days with new clips of the lanky MC hanging out with his infant, the visual shows just how much the inevitable juxtaposition fatherhood presented has changed his image. Although he might look out of place among all the petite NY moms, there’s no doubt R.A. is very content in his new role. Who said artists can’t be versatile?

Hear more of R.A.’s well-rounded raps on his Legends Never Die project, which you can purchase via iTunes.

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