SMH, Huey Comes Out With A Diss Record For Nelly

07.02.07 11 years ago 54 Comments

Huey ft. Young Rhome – Down Down Baby (Nelly Diss)

For those wondering why he is going at Nelly, check out a Sohh interview excerpt:

“(Nelly)When he found out I got my deal, he didn’t congratulate or anything. I met him at Club Toxic and the label wanted me to reach out to get features from other established artists from St. Louis. So I asked him and he basically said, ‘Look here dirty, it’s not gonna happen. Especially with this being your first album, it’s not gonna happen.’

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You can’t be bitter homey, thats the way the game is. Nelly don’t owe you a damn thing, so take the rejection and go pop lock and drop it.

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