Snoop Dogg Had An Ecstatic, NSFW Reaction To Floyd Mayweather’s Knockout Win Over Conor McGregor

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08.27.17 3 Comments

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It finally happened. Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor stepped into the ring for an actual boxing match, and while the result was predictable it still made for an entertaining match. Floyd ultimately stopped McGregor in the 10th round, after Conor tired out and simply could not stay on his feet anymore. After Floyd battered Conor with 11 unanswered punches the ref finally stepped in and called the fight, giving Mayweather the TKO victory.

One person who especially enjoyed the fight and the result was Snoop Dogg, clearly a big fan of Floyd. Snoop hopping onto Instagram to share his feelings after a big sporting event — or a random Steelers game — is nothing new, but Snoop added a couple of extra cuss words to his latest rant.

“The mothafucking champ, 50-0,” Snoop yelled into the camera elatedly before adding “F*ck that mothaf*cker Conor McGregor.” Snoop’s vulgar and loud outburst continued, and eventually he taunted Conor again, saying “That’s what you get for coming to a mothaf*ckin gang fight with a butter knife.”

Snoop wrapped the video up by asking Floyd where the afterparty was, and his reactions throughout the night were hilarious in general, but he clearly saved the best for last when he reacted to Floyd’s resounding victory.

Check out Snoop’s NSFW reaction to Floyd beating Conor McGregor below.

50. 0

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