10 all-new Rolling Stones songs unearthed for ‘Exile’ reissue

02.25.10 8 years ago

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Because today is apparently veteran rocker day, the Rolling Stones will be revealing some previously unreleased tracks with their deluxe reissue of classic “Exile on Main Street.”

Universal is unveiling this 30-track whopper on May 18, featuring alternate versions of “Loving Cup,” “Soul Survivor” and 10 never-heard-before songs including “Plundered My Soul,” “Dancing in the Light,” “Following the River” and “Pass the Wine.” This is all in addition to the original 18-song double-album. This certainly calls into question why these songs were originally left off an album of that girth.

“Stones In Exile,” a Stephen Kijak-directed documentary, “Cocksucker Blues” and “Ladies and Gentlemen… the Rolling Stones” is also attached to the deluxe release on an added DVD. At this point, we’re not quite sure why you wouldn’t buy the deluxe version.

Mick Jagger told Rolling Stone that  he “went back in the archives and dug out a load of things” for the thing at Universal’s behest, going back to the archives during the 1972 recording session. He and Keith Richards added some lyrics here, a guitar part or two there, but then kept those unearthed songs largely intact. “I didn”t want to interfere with the Bible, you know. They still had that great basement sound.”

The Stones’ latest studio album was 2005’s “Bigger Bang.”

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