Adam Lambert speaks: Our initial impressions from our interview

11.10.09 8 years ago 35 Comments

Seldom have we talked to an artist at this early a stage in his career who is as surefooted as Adam Lambert. We interviewed him today for We”ll link to that interview when it goes live-and add more content to it-but our initial impression was this is an artist whose whole life had been leading to this moment. And he knows it.

He”s sure to have some meltdown moments along the way, when the sleep deprivation and jet lag kick in, but he is smart enough to know that this is what he”s been working for. You don”t bitch about the long hours when they are all in service of selling Brand Lambert.
Lambert is both confident and humbled by his major label debut, “For Your Entertainment,” out Nov. 23. He knows there are a lot of expectations riding on him, and he hopes he can live up to them. He feels he”s made the record that he wanted to make-given some tight time constraints. I asked if he was one of those artists that we”d hear disavow the album a year from now and he assured me that would not be the case. One of his few regrets is that he ultimately did not, as had been reported early on, get to work with producer RedOne on “For Your Entertainment.”
There are some artists who wear their fame well. And our premature guess is that Lambert will be one of them. A journalist friend of ours told us about meeting Lambert backstage during the “American Idol” tour stop in Washington, D.C. As gracious and kind as he was to her and her daughters, he was even more so in the generous amount of time he spent with a sick child who had been brought backstage to meet him. I asked him about that night and he said that performing in “Wicked” had taught him a lot about dealing with people and how  the night a particular fan sees you is the only night that matters to him or her. The fact that you”re done the same thing hundreds of nights before does not matter at all.It’s about being in the moment.
We hadn”t loved the two songs we”d heard from Lambert so far: ” Time for Miracles” from “2012” and first single “For Your Entertainment,” but we”ve now gotten to hear the album and it holds together well. He can really sing, as anyone who has watched him on “Idol” knows, and his fans from that show aren”t going to be disappointed by the sides of himself on display on “FYE.” To his credit, he seems very serious about staying true to himself. He knows he may not go over well in some red states, but it”s much more important to him that he can sleep at night with the choices he”s made.
More in coming days as the album”s release gets closer. Plus what he really thinks about his kitschy album cover, Lady GaGa and his “Idol” colleagues.

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