Add Quincy Jones to the list of people pissed at Amy Winehouse

05.26.09 8 years ago

Alastair Grant/AP

Amy Winehouse continues to unravel, according to the U.K.’s  Mirror tabloid. She has been dropped from a Quincy Jones all-star tribute album.

the Mirror makes it sound as if the legendary producer kicked Winehouse to the curb after waiting nearly a year for her contribution, is it possible that she dissed him first by never completing the tune?  Mark Ronson, who was working on the track with Winehouse, told the Mirror, “The track isn’t finished and she’s not around. If she’s not here then, unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do about it.”

As we all know, Winehouse continues hanging out in St. Lucia. She was slated to perform at a 50th anniversary concert for Island Records (her label in the U.K.), but pulled out of the May 31 celebration citing health problems.

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