Surprise: Adrien Brody, that Adrien Brody, to battle ‘Predators’

10.06.09 8 years ago

20th Century Fox

After seeming unhappy working in the green screen and action filled world of Peter Jackson’s “King Kong,” many wouldn’t have expected Oscar winner Adrien Brody to return to the realm of Sci-Fi, fantasy or gigantic monsters anytime soon.  Well, in news that will raise many eyebrows across Hollywood, Brody has won the role of the main alien killer in the Robert Rodriguez produced reboot of “Predators.”

reports Brody will play a heroic mercenary who takes on the alien hunters and that the actor and his agents lobbied hard for the role. Perhaps Brody sees a steady check in what Fox hopes is a new franchise?  Maybe he’s been a fan of the original series or just wanted to work with Rodriguez and director Nimrod Anatal?  It’s unclear at this point, but Brody will join Alice Braga and Danny Trejo in the project. 

Rival trade The Hollywood Reporter adds that Topher Grace is also negotiating to join the project.  He’d play an expected “accountant-type” who deep down is a serial killer. 

Unconventional action heroes have become almost a staple of the last decade with Tobey Maguire, Johnny Depp and Robert Downey, Jr. all making the jump.  Can Brody duplicate their success?  Moviegoers will be able to decide for themselves when 20th Century Fox opens “Predators” nationwide on July, 9, 2010.

The film will begin production shortly on location in Hawaii and at Rodgriquez’s Troublemaker Studios in Austin.

Brody will next be heard as the voice of Rickity in November’s “The Fantastic Mr. Fox.”

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