AMC streams the original ‘Prisoner’ for free

01.06.09 9 years ago


While we can all debate whether or not it’s a good idea for AMC to be remaking “The Prisoner” as a six-hour miniseries starring Jesus and Gandalf (Jim Caviezel and Ian McKellen, if you prefer), the cable network has found a tremendously cool way to stir up interest in the project.

AMC has set up a page built around the 1967 original “Prisoner,” created by Patrick McGoohan and George Markstein. The page includes episodic and production photos, trivia, a talk-back forum and a tournament to determine which No. 2 was most dangerous (I’m rooting for Leo McKern, but your favorites may vary).

Best of all, though, AMC is streaming all 17 episodes of the series, from “Arrival” to “Fall Out.” Previously the best watch to watch the landmark series — possibly the most baffling  and brilliant thing to ever air on the small screen — was either in a random marathon or via the videos and DVDs put out by A&E, but those sets cost a ton of money. This is free.

For those who don’t know, “The Prisoner” focuses on No. 6, a former British secret agent now held captive in The Village. Who’s holding him captive? Why? And can anybody truly escape? The chronology of the series is a bit tricky and you could almost watch whichever episodes you want. My own favorites are “The Chimes of Big Ben,” “Free For All” and “Checkmate,” but again… your opinion may vary.

Thanks, AMC, for what may be the Internet’s best new way to waste many many hours.

Check out the AMC “Prisoner” site and start viewing.

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