American Idol contestant Allison Iraheta signs with 19/Jive

06.10.09 8 years ago


Apparently all that winning “American Idol” gets you anymore is dibs on announcing which label you will record for first.  On Monday came word that season eight winner Kris Allen signed to 19/Jive, then on Tuesday, it was announced that runner up Adam Lambert will record for 19/RCA. Now today, 19 announced that Allison Iraheta, who made it to the top four, has signed with 19/Jive.  Her album will come out in the fall.

We’d have to ask Dan, Hitfix’s resident “Idol” expert, but we don’t remember the last time 19 signed three of the finalists.  

You got to feel a little bad for Danny Gokey, who, despite coming in third place, is clearly not getting a record deal through 19.  We’re sure he’ll end up signed somewhere, but that had to hurt to be leapfrogged over like that. Ouch…

And while we’re feeling pain for Idols, if Allen weren’t such a nice Christian boy, we bet he’d be going around saying “WTF” over and over and over.  Who’s on the cover of Rolling Stone?  Lambert. Who’s featured on “20/20” Friday night? Lambert. If we were Allen, we’d get caught in a compromising position with Lambert right before his first real single drops… that should finally garner him some headlines, although they would probably read: “Lambert caught in clinch with some other guy….”

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