Are ‘I Am Legend’ director Francis Lawrence and Will Smith reuniting?

07.09.09 8 years ago

AP Photo

Will Smith is still one of the few actors in Hollywood that can pretty much get any picture he wants greenlit, even after “Seven Pounds” broke his amazing $100 million grossing streak.  However, Smith seems to be in no rush to start a new blockbuster streak.  The actor is spending most of his time these days producing “The Karate Kid” remake featuring his son Jaden.  Now, his “I Am Legend” collaborator, director Francis Lawrence, may be recruiting the superstar to appear in the 20th Century Fox drama “City That Sailed.”

Variety reports the fantastical tale centers on a father whose love for his daughter is so strong it causes Manhattan to float across the Atlantic.  The script was by “Truman Show” screenwriter and “Gattaca” director Andrew Niccol, but is being rewritten by “Ocean Thirteen” writers Brian Koppelman and David Levien.

Whether the reunion between Lawrence and Smith occurs will depend on that duo’s rewrite because the filmmaker is also ready to shoot the drama “Water for Elephants” at Fox as well.  According to the trade, Lawrence has had discussion with Reese Witherspoon to star in the adaptation of Sara Gruen’s novel focusing on a Depression-era traveling circus.

There have also been many rumors about a “Legend” prequel, which Smith hasn’t necessarily dismissed, but if and when that occurs will be quite a bit down the road.

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