As Lakers celebrate, LAFF opens with ‘The Kids Are All Right’

06.18.10 7 years ago

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One of the best films of the year had its Los Angeles premiere Thursday night as the 2010 Los Angeles Film Festival kicked off in downtown LA with “The Kids Are All Right.”  Stars Julianne Moore, Mark Ruffalo, Mia Wachokowsi (Alice in “Alice in Wonderland”) and Josh Hutcherson (to be or not to be “Spider-Man”) walked the red carpet and even “Glee’s” Jane Lynch was in attendance.  Unfortunately for LAFF, game 7 of the NBA Finals between the LA Lakers and the Boston Celtics was going on — literally — right across the street at Staples Center. 

Director Lisa Cholodenko (“High Art”), thanked the audience for “giving up their Lakers tickets,” but the joy of bringing the LA-centric picture back home wasn’t lost on those in attendance.  One of the most buzzed about picture at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, “Kids” is quite simply one of the finest films of the year and features stellar performances all around.  You can read more about my thoughts on the film in my review from Park City, but it’s what the picture has to stay about modern families and how we grow up (no matter what our true age) that really sticks with you the second time around. This prognosticator cannot recommend it enough and hopes it makes some noise during the upcoming awards season.

Afterward, the party moved to the roof deck where everyone got a wonderful view of the L.A.P.D. riot force arresting unruly Laker fans as we chowed down on some fantastic “Joanne’s” cupcakes and took in the open bar.  It was truly a surreal experience eating food while watching drunk fans line face down on the pavement with a police baton in their back. Luckily, the LAFF won’t have to deal with again next year, because the Lakers ain’t going for a three-peat (you heard it here first). 

For those in the LA area, make sure you check out the festival this year.  Besides premieres of “Despicable Me” and a little movie “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse,” the LAFF features screenings of “Cyrus, “Waiting for Superman,” “Animal Kingdom,” “Eyes Wide Open,” “Four Lions” “The Last Exorcism,” “Space Tourists,” “The Tillman Story” and much more.  Find out all about the Los Angeles Film Festival here.

Happily, “The Kids Are All Right” begins a nationwide roll out July 9.

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