‘Avatar’ hitting DVD and Blu-ray in 2-D on Earth Day

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20th Century Fox

With box office receipts dramatically slowing down after the loss of numerous 3-D and IMAX theaters to “Alice in Wonderland,” 20th Century Fox announced the launch date of James Cameron’s blockbuster “Avatar” on home entertainment today.

Timing to coincide with the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day, “Avatar” will hit Blu-ray and DVD on Thursday, April 22.  It’s worth noting most home entertainment releases occur on Tuesdays, so Fox is certain to make the Earth Day connection part of it’s publicity efforts.

No details were provided by the studio about what if any special features, deleted scenes or audio commentary will be included, but both Cameron and the studio have gone on record previously noting a 3-D version would not be part of the initial release.

“Avatar” has grossed a record $2.6 billion worldwide and $730.2 million in the U.S. alone.  Whether it can set home entertainment records without a 3-D angle remains to be seen.  The film was also nominated for nine Academy Awards including Best Picture, but only won three in the Cinematography, Visual Effects and Art Direction fields.

Not all “Avatar” fans around the world will be able to purchase “Avatar” on the 22nd.  Here is a short list of key international release dates as well as the North American box art.

FRANCE – April 21    
BELGIUM – April 21
NETHERLANDS – April 21  
SPAIN – April 21
CHINA – April 22  
 BRAZIL – April 22
RUSSIA – April 22    
GERMANY – April 23
JAPAN – April 23
SWITZERLAND – April 23   
MEXICO – April 23
UK – April 26    
DENMARK – April 27
NORWAY – April 28   
SWEDEN – April 28
NEW ZEALAND – April 28 
AUSTRALIA – April 29
FINLAND – April 30   
ITALY – May 6

The Blu-Ray box artfor

The DVD box art for

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