Basement Jaxx tap Yoko Ono, Santigold, scores of talent for ‘Scars’

07.13.09 8 years ago

Jamie Beeden/XL

It’s been three years since Basement Jaxx’s last “Crazy Itch Radio,” but this British house duo has held our attention since its 1999 debut “Remedy.” We have fond memories of losing our mind at Chicago’s Metro to the dirty beats and shaking floor. We’ve long respected the Jaxx’s utilization of insane and talented vocal talent.

“Scars,” the newest, will be no exception. The London-based group worked in New York for a time with icon Yoko Ono to craft a new track “Day of the Sunflowers (We March On),” then added on other guests like Santigold (on “Saga”) and female hip-hoppers Yo! Majesty.

Dance favorite Sam Sparro — who blazed his way into clubs last year with hotness “Black And Gold” — crooner Eli “Paperboy” Reed, the sultry Paloma Faith, Test Icicle/Lightspeed Champion’s Devonté Hynes and Amp Fiddler also do some guest work on “Scars.”

Basement Jaxx (Felix Burton and Simon Ratcliffe) are also planning a “mini-LP” for release after “Scars” is released by XL in October. According to, the “bath-time music” is more  “Pink Floyd-y, more ambient-y stuff.”

The group has announced very few shows, and none ’em are here. Yet. We’re already prepping our six-packs for body paint.

Below is the kaleidescopic burlesquely nude music video for the ridiculously awesome “Raindrops.” More like “sweatdrops,” ‘m I right?

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