BBC America’s ‘Luther’ brings Idris Elba back to primetime

06.08.10 7 years ago 5 Comments

BBC America

Stringer Bell is returning to primetime, or at least Idris Elba is, starring in the new BBC/BBC America co-production “Luther.”
BBC America announced on Tuesday (June 8) that the six-episode psychological thriller “Luther” will premiere later this year, featuring Elba as a “intellectually brilliant but emotionally impulsive murder detective.”
Elba also serves as associate producer on the series, which premiered on the BBC in May to mixed-to-positive reviews.
Created by Neil Cross (“MI-5”), “Luther” focuses on Elba’s John Luther, who finds himself engaged in a battle of wits with Alice (Ruth Wilson), a multiple-murdress, who also happens to be his confidante.
“I’m delighted that the BBC has brought Luther to life,” Cross states. “It’s an intense psychological thriller which examines not only human depravity but the complex nature of love … and how it’s often this — our finest attribute — that leads us into darkness.”
In addition to Elba and Wilson, most recently seen in AMC’s “The Prisoner,” the “Luther” cast includes Indira Varma (“Rome”), Steven Mackintosh, Paul McGann, Warren Brown and Saskia Reeves.
“BBC America viewers have always loved British crime thrillers. ‘Luther, puts a whole new spin on the genre and sucks you in with its intelligent storytelling and gripping plotlines,” states Chris Carr, COO, BBC Worldwide Channels. “We”re thrilled to have Idris Elba on BBC America and intend to surprise a few people by revealing that he”s British!”
Are viewers really likely to still be shocked that Elba is British? In addition to “The Wire,” Elba’s credits include an American-accented turn on “The Office,” plus a wide variety of British TV credits including “Ultraviolet.”

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