Bjork reuniting with Michel Gondry on new music project

03.15.10 7 years ago

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Michel Gondry and Bjork, together: as intuitive as human behavior.

The French film and music video director and the Icelandic singer are working on a new project together, which sounds to be on a scale bigger than a mere song video clip.

Gondry confirmed to me earlier today that a musical project is in the works, though stopping short on the details; The Playlist interviewed the director at the film portion of SXSW in Austin, with Gondry describing the video endeavor as “a very ambitious project, a sort of scientific musical… maybe more for museums. Like a 40-minute IMAX project in 3D.”

He and Bjork have worked together on seven music videos together, including “Human Behaviour” and “Declare Independence.”

Just last week an industry source revealed that Bjork, like always, had a few irons in the fire, including what was described as an orchestral piece. No telling yet if this and the Gondry project are one of the same, but it doesn’t leave out the possibility of a more traditional effort. Request for comment from a Nonesuch spokesperson had not been received by press time.

Bjork’s last album was “Volta,” released in 2007; she released a single “Nattura” with Thom Yorke as part of an Icelandic ecology project of the same name. The organization has been largely dormant since last year.

As for Gondry, he spoke to HitFix in promotion of his forthcoming, small-scale release, the documentary “L’épine dans le coeur” (“Thorn in the Heart”) which turns the lens on Gondry’s own family, namely his strongheaded aunt and her son. That film played at Cannes last year, and screened at the South By Southwest Film Festival this past week.

As for other music-centered pieces, Gondry recently completed a playful music video for Mia Doi Todd’s “Open Your Heart.” Think people in colorful t-shirts doing synchronized moves, a la Feist’s “1 2 3 4,” only large scale and with Everymen and -women. See below.

She and Gondry were romantically linked… at least up until recently. Gondry hesitatingly said that they two just broke up.

“She’s amazing. I love her music. I love her, but, anyway…”

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