Exclusive: Catherine Keener in the poster debut of ‘Please Give’

03.02.10 7 years ago

Sony Pictures Classics

January’s Sundance Film Festival was a curious experience.  Every few years the films outside of dramatic competition, pictures that usually already have distribution, overshadow the festival’s premier showcase.  That was certainly the case this year, especially with the debuts of the dramedies “Cyrus” and “Please Give.”

The latter in particular was another welcome surprise from director Nicole Holofcener who is best known for her last film “Friends With Money” (thank you Jennifer Aniston).  Starring Catherine Keener, Oliver Platt, Amanda Peet and Rebecca Hall, the picture centers on an upper middle class married couple in Manhattan (Keener, Platt) who have awkward relationships with the granddaughters (Hall, Peet) of the old woman who is renting the apartment they are dying to renovate (once she dies off of course).  You can read more about my thoughts on this hilarious and impressive film here, but happily it will be heading to theaters later this spring for everyone to enjoy. 

Sony Classics has provided HitFix with the exclusive debut of the poster for “Please Give” which is embedded in this page below.  Check it out and make sure you check it out when it hits a city near you.

“Please Give” opens in Los Angeles and New York on April 30.

The official poster for Catherine Keener's

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