Exclusive Clip: A dramatic scene from ‘Life Is Hot In Cracktown’

06.23.09 8 years ago

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The world of independent cinema is a tough road these days.  Even with established stars, it’s hard for most films to get a distributor.  “Life Is Hot In Cracktown” is doing it the old fashioned way, one city at a time.

Opening in Los Angeles this Friday, the drama features established actors Kerry Washington, RZA, Victor Rasuk, Shannyn Sossamon, Illeana Douglas, Brandon Routh, Mark Webber and Lara Flynn Boyle. 

An ensemble drama about the effect’s of drugs on an inner city neighborhood, here’s more from the film’s official synopsis.

Based on Buddy Giovinazzo”s best-selling novel, “Life Is Hot In Cracktown” shows the gritty, hard realities of a neighborhood, as well as the struggling, proud people who try to survive them everyday.

Marybeth (Kerry Washington) is a pre-op transsexual working as a prostitute and living with her lover, Benny, a small time burglar. In spite of their lines of work, they live a somewhat normal life as a married couple. Marybeth works the streets in the hopes of saving enough money for her final sex change operation, so then she and Benny can be married.

Manny (Victor Rasuk) works two jobs: the late shift in an all night bodega surrounded by young junkies, drug dealers and prostitutes, and as a security guard in a Welfare hotel. At home his wife, Concetta (Shannyn Sossamon), takes care of his sick infant son and makes their grimy rundown apartment as much of a home as she can.

Willy, ten years old, lives in the Welfare hotel with his sister, mother (Illeana Douglas) and her violent boyfriend. Willy begs on the street so he and Susie can buy some fast food to eat.

Romeo (Evan Ross), a street tough, roams the streets with his gang. Upset over the murder of his younger brother, and feeling partially responsible for not being there during the shooting, he terrorizes anyone who comes in his path.

These four stories come together in a powerful climax of love and salvation, showing that despite the obstacles of life in the inner-city, humanity and hope can still prevail.

For a taste of this truly independent drama, check out the exclusive clip below.  It features Illeana Douglas succumbing to her need for crack in front of her own children.

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