EXCLUSIVE Song Of The Day: Stream Patrick Watson’s ‘Sit Down Beside Me’

05.28.10 7 years ago

Patrick Watson is the kind of artist that a lot of different music listeners will like: but I think I fell in love with him around the time of the Megaphone Suit.

At his live shows — and even in a hypnotic video from last year — the singer-songwriter throws on up a backpack-mounted P.A. contraption that boast five megaphone heads and lights up. It’s a cheap thrill (though surely not cheap, monetarily) for simple like mine, and is an especially delightful accessory to his mild, sweet voice and his precise brand of chamber pop.

For this new track “Sit Down Beside Me,” though, he puts the thing down and communes instead with his band, on a piano, some household items, a marimba (what’s with marimbas today?), a string section and other assorted noise-makers and out comes just the most soothing, churning song. Really. His melodic caw flips up to the falsetto. There’s a choir of angels, I swear. He could be singing about genocide or gum disease (he’s not) but I wouldn’t think anything of it.

Watson, from Montreal, has been touring with his band Wooden Arms promoting the excellent 2009 album of the same name in the U.S. this past month, but he took a little time out in his home studio to craft this single, an iTunes exclusive, and streaming here first.

If you’re not going to the Sasquatch! music festival tomorrow (May 29), look for him in Europe in July and then in Canada for August.

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