‘Exile’ on ‘Fallon’: Keith Richard drops in, Phish performs ‘Loving Cup’

05.14.10 7 years ago

In advance of the “Exile on Main Street” reissue next week, the Rolling Stones have been popping up everywhere this week, including on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.”

Guitar legend Keith Richards had something like an eight-minute chat with the ever-awkward host, and, yes, he did deny them in their attempts to get him on stage with The Roots.

Who did show up, instead, was Phish, performing a jam-a-licious version of “Loving Cup.”

Their guest duties came at the end of this “Exile” week on Fallon, during which other acts played the rock band’s tunes. It was also a prime example of why some people just don’t like Phish fans.

Back to Richards, he mentioned his autobiography, out in October, though he laughed that he “couldn’t remember anything.” He also introduced Phish, which made the sun leap from its axis, if just for a moment.

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