‘Green Lantern’ trailer promises cosmic scale, comic Ryan Reynolds

11.16.10 7 years ago 15 Comments

Warner Bros.

It’s a big week for trailers, and of course all of these trailers are hoping to make a splash with filmgoers who pile into theaters over the holidays.  I’m sure that if you go see “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1,” you are going to see the trailer for “Green Lantern.”  Sure of it.  Every studio has the option of attaching a trailer to a print for their own movie, and this is the most important movie for Warner Bros. next summer.  It doesn’t just have to work as a movie… it’s also the first step in building out a very particular DC Universe on film.

Can DC play the same game as Marvel?  Can they play it as aggressively?  Can they get the general public to buy into what looks like a very big, very stylized comic book reality?

This is a very different thing than what Christopher Nolan’s been doing with the Batman movies.  There’s a broadness to the approach… and there has to be, frankly.  Ryan Reynolds has been looking for the right role, and as far as I can tell, this is it.  This looks like a big crowd-pleasing hero role, and he’s got the charisma (and the physique) to fill the suit.

What sells it for me is the scale of it.  I’ve seen some truly terrifying “Green Lantern” scripts over the years, and to see this… a cosmic space opera, a “Star Wars” with superheroes… is something I genuinely never thought would happen.

I want “Green Lantern” to be a film I can take my kids to see.  I want it to be a film that plays to adults and kids in equal measure.  I don’t want some uber-dark film for the sake of it.  This seems ambitious in a way that intrigues me.  As cool as the trailer is, I’m also intrigued by the artwork that is up on the iTunes trailer page.  I love the design of that giant cliff with the symbol, and I love the Green Lantern Corps gathered below.  That’s something we’ve never seen in one of these movies.  That’s something new that only DC can bring to the table, and if they play to that, to their strengths, it could be really special.

Our own Greg Ellwood went to the set for the film, and he’ll have more on that for you as we get closer to release.  For now, check out the film’s trailer at Apple.com, where I recommend the biggest HD version your screen can handle.  It’s impressive, and I get the feeling it’ll be love or hate based on how big and bold the choices they’ve made seem to be.

“Green Lantern” is in theaters June 17, 2011.


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