First Look: Jeff Bridges and his eyepatch in the Coen Bros.’ remake of ‘True Grit’

08.13.10 7 years ago 9 Comments

Paramount Pictures

One of the more anticipated films of the holiday season is the Coens Bros. remake of the classic Western “True Grit.”  The 1969 Henry Hathaway flick supplied John Wayne with his one and only Best Actor Oscar and tells the story of a U.S. Marshall who helps a stubborn young lady track down her father’s murderer.  The new version features recent Academy Award winner Bridges in the Wayne role, but also includes Matt Damon and reunites the Coens with their “No Country for Old Men” star Josh Brolin.

Paramount Pictures released the first image of “True Grit” today which features Bridges and co-star Hailee Steinfield.  Most intriguing is the eyepatch Bridge’s character wears is on his right eye.  Wayne wore it on left.  A nod to the original film? 

More importantly, this potential Best Picture contender is on this pundit’s must-see list, has it made yours?

“True Grit” opens nationwide on Christmas day.

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Jeff Bridges and Hailee Steinfield in the first image from the Coen Bros TRUE GRIT

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