Four new ‘Iron Man 2’ clips highlight the Black Widow, Whiplash, and the suitcase suit

04.26.10 7 years ago

Marvel Studios

There is only a little over a week until “Iron Man 2” hits theaters, and I’m excited for people to finally lay eyes on what Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr. and all of their collaborators have put together for issue two of this big-screen comic series.

I’ve already heard some complaints from fellow journalists who saw it last week when I did, many of them upset that this film doesn’t have the same “wow” for them as the first one. I think they forget how everyone was skeptical about the need for an “Iron Man” movie in the first place, making the first one a huge mainstream surprise.  That’s something you can never duplicate with a second film, so it seems like the wrong thing to get hung up on, in my opinion.

If “Iron Man” was the surprise out of nowhere for most people, then “Iron Man 2” is the victory lap that they absolutely deserve to take, and today, there are four new clips available that give you a good look at the tone and attitude and, yes, scope of what Marvel Studios is about to unleash.

There’s been a fair amount of speculation about how Scarlett Johansson’s character would end up interacting with Tony Stark in the film, and how she ties in to SHIELD and the larger “Avengers” plan that Marvel’s building bit by bit right now.  Without spoiling the fun, let’s take a look at her introduction in the film.

By the way… next time I upgrade my home computer, I want whatever system it is that Stark’s using when he Googles “Natalie Rushman” after being introduced to her:

You can see a larger version of the clip here if you’d like.  And you really should see the end of that scene, which gives away a bit more about who this “girl from legal” really is.

Sam Rockwell plays a creepy mirror version of Tony Stark in his role as Justin Hammer in this film, and this next clip shows a little of the chemistry he has with Downey in the film, while also serving up a nice callback to the first movie in the form of some very pointed comments from both Stark and Pepper Potts:

Again, if you want to see a larger version of the clip, you can.

Here’s some action for you, a taste from the first big showdown between Whiplash and Iron Man in the film.  I think Whiplash is a great bad guy for this series.  I’m always a fan of someone taking the hero’s strength and turning it back against them, and I think they found the exact right way to do it for this one:

Looks like fun, eh?  Check out the larger version of the clip if you want.

And then finally, we’ve got one last bit from the film, and you’ve heard a lot of this dialogue in the trailers for the movie.  Whiplash has been captured, and Tony Stark steps into a prison cell to try and figure out who this man is and why he attacked him in public:

You can check out the larger version of that clip as well, and then you can see “Iron Man 2” in theaters starting May 7.  I’ll have my review of the film here on HitFix very soon, as well as interviews and more as we count down to the release, so check back for tons of great “Iron Man 2” coverage in the next two weeks.

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