Has Angelina Jolie turned down ‘Wanted 2’?

02.26.10 8 years ago 3 Comments

Universal Pictures

Over the past five years, Angelina Jolie has only had one major hit where she wasn’t appearing as animated character, 2008’s thriller “Wanted.”  In the years since, both Universal Pictures and director Timur Bekmambetov have been working on an anticipated sequel, but it appears that isn’t in the cards.  Jolie has reportedly said no to participating in a second installment and instead of recasting her character or continuing with just leading man James McAvoy, the studio is ditching the entire endeavor. Considering Bekmambetov has spoken publicly of how difficult a time he was having topping the first film, that was probably a smart move on the studio’s part.

But don’t fret for Angelina though.  NYMag reports the actress is now intent on moving forward with Alfonso Cuaron’s “Gravity.”  The space thriller had been set up at Universal, but was recently dropped because of concerns it was too “artistically challenging.”  After Cuaron’s experience with the studio on “Children of Men,” now considered one of the best films of the decade by most critics, he is probably relieved Warner Bros. has enthusiastically come on board instead.

“Gravity” finds as the remaining human member of a space mission desperate to return home to her daughter on Earth.  Cuaron has written the screenplay with his 28-year-old son Jonas.  No word on how quickly Warner’s and Cuaron can get “Gravity” into production.

In the meantime, Jolie will be seen later this summer in another action thriller, “Salt.” She’s currently shooting “The Tourist” alongside Johnny Depp in Europe.

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