Has Singer found the Fox ‘Formula’?

03.24.09 9 years ago

AP Photo/Matt Sayles

After a contemptuous exit from the third “X-Men” movie five years ago, Bryan Singer is finally back in the 20th Century Fox fold.  Sort of.

Variety reports that Singer has attached himself to a movie adaptation of the comic book series “Freedom Formula: Ghost of the Wasteland” for New Regency.  That production company has a distribution deal with Fox who saw Singer ditch their mutant franchise for the opportunity to helm “Superman Returns” in 2004.

“Wasteland” is set in a future where pilots no longer rule the skies with fighter jets, but in racing “exo-suits” (think lots and lots of Iron Men).  The hero is a genetically engineered racer who learns his destiny is to change society (for the better we assume).

Singer first became attached to the project after the four-issue series debuted at last summer’s Comic-Con.  Michael Finch, who recently had his spec script “Medevial” acquired by Regency, will adapt the series for the big screen.

In the meantime, Singer is reportedly in the running to direct the Mark Wahlberg thriller “The Prisoners” for Warner Bros.  If Singer makes “Prisoners” his next flick, there will be a tremendous amount of irony if both studios, who swore they would never work with the director after difficult experiences on “X2” and “Superman,” did exactly that.  The filmmaker has the marketing staff at MGM to thank for his turnaround after they took his “left for dead” Tom Cruise picture “Valkyrie” and drove it to almost $190 million worldwide.

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