If summer’s ending, Toronto is just around the corner…

08.23.09 8 years ago


As the end of summer draws to a close anticipation is building for the triumvirate of film festivals beginning over the next few weeks.  The Venice, Telluride and Toronto Film Festivals will all features debuts of long awaited films from filmmakers such as Steven Soderbergh, Michael Moore, Werner Herzog, Jason Reitman, Todd Solondz, the Coen brothers, Don Roos and Neil Jordan. A welcome change from some of the expected drudge of the last few months.

It’s also the unofficial kick off to awards season as potential contenders  nervously debut their wares to the critics and the pubic for the first time. “Slumdog Millionaire” began its buzz train at Telluride and Toronto last year and other unknowns such as “Juno” and “Michael Clayton” kick started their long campaigns in similar fashion.  (Then again, there is always the chance of a disastrous debut such as the Toronto premiere of “Elizabeth: The Golden Age,” a wound that picture truly never recovered from.)

Leaving no story unturned, HitFix is going to be covering Toronto from all angles this year as both myself and Drew McWeeny will be venturing up north. Many films at the fest have already screened at Cannes and have been showing around town over the past few weeks, so while audiences may be dying to sneak a peek they are already checked off this attendee’s list (most of which I can’t reveal at this time).  However, this year has a truly intriguing — and get this — somewhat commercial slate (who knew?).  With that in mind, check out twenty must see flicks on this prognosticator’s agenda this year.  And when pictures such as Matt Damon’s “The Informant” and Moore’s “Capitalism: A Love Story” don’t make the list, you know it’s a very good year.

Would they be on your screening list?  Which picture are you most curious about?  Share your thoughts below.

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