Interview: Billy Currington talks about his sixth No. 1 country hit and Carrie Underwood

09.21.10 7 years ago

It”s a good time to be Billy Currington, with one–well, perhaps two– exceptions. As the country singer”s career has soared and he”s moved from playing rough-and-tumble clubs to bigger venues, there”s been one downside: fewer women flashing him from the audience. “I saw a lot more boobs in my earlier days,” he laughs.

It”s all a trade-off he”s more than willing to make. Currington”s last four singles have gone straight to No. 1 on Billboard”s Hot  Country Songs chart. His most recent, the humorous “Pretty Good at Drinking Beer,” is the first single from “Enjoy Yourself,” his upbeat new album that comes out today, Sept. 21.

Hitfix talked to Currington about his fourth studio album and more.

In the video for “Pretty Good at Drinking Beer,” the lead has a hidden talent for Beer Pong. What”s one of your hidden talents?

I”m pretty good at casting a net for [fishing]. I only fish with a net. It”s a lot more fun. One of the last dinners I had, I caught with a cast net. A flounder and red fish. That”s who you”re talking to (laughs).

You set an attendance record this summer at the Kentucky State Fair. What was going through your mind when you”re looking out and seeing more than 20,000 people all there for you?

For me it was a visual of growth. I got to see it and let it in settle in: ‘Wow, we did get somewhere. We are making progress.” All these things that we thought will never get here, we got here. That”s what was going through my mind… It”s an experience that I know a lot of people won”t get to have. I wish I could share it with anyone.

What”s the weirdest thing you”ve seen, looking out into the audience?

A tornado in Canada. That was kind of weird, not fun. That was a mess…  [Ed.”s note: Currington is being typically understated here. He suffered a concussion when the stage  collapsed as he was performing, his bassist was injured and a spectator was killed.]

That had to be really frightening. What about something just odd, like women flashing you. That”s an evergreen, it seems.

I saw a lot more boobs in the earlier years (laughs).  I don”t know, I  think the places we”re playing [now],  there”s a lot more security so you don”t see them getting as rowdy. There are shows every now and then.

Next up for you is touring with Carrie Underwood. What are you looking forward to on that tour?

What I”m looking forward to the most is playing before all these people she brings night after night, people that haven”t seen us before. It”s probably all girls coming to see her…That”s not a bad thing for us. We definitely hope there are some dudes there that can enjoy ‘Pretty Good at Drinking Beer” and ‘People are Crazy.”

You duetted with Shania Twain a number of years ago. Whom would you most like to duet with now?

I”d say Colbie Caillat. I don”t know of any country artist that I would want to do one with more than her…I”d like to do one that we wrote together. [She”s] someone I”ve wanted to work with for awhile.

Four years ago, you did a video for “Must Be Doing Something Right” that was very sexy. You”ve stayed away from the really sexy videos lately. Was that on purpose?

‘Must Be Doing Something Right”  was the first one with love scenes. There was a lot of sex involved. It definitely came off that way and I did a lot of interviews and I had to talk about that a bunch and [having] my shirt off. That was tied around the Playgirl interview.  I felt like people thought I was this dude with his shirt off. I didn”t purposefully start recording hard core country songs,I  just asked that those be the ones [my label put out as singles].

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