Interview: David Archuleta heads ‘Down’ new path, plots Spanish-language album

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The first time David Archuleta released a full-length album, he”d co-written two of the 12 songs. For his newest “The Other Side of Down,” he”s credited for 10. The result, he says, is a set of songs that lift the veil on some of his quirks.

“This album is about personality,” Archuleta says in a phone interview. “It”s embracing that I”m not perfect, but I have to be the way I am or I”m not gonna be happy.”
One fair example is “Elevator,” which was recently added at radio, as promoting the single “Something ‘Bout Love” winds down. The 19-year-old former “American Idol” star describes how the track is about “a dream I had. It”s kind of dumb,” he says, laughing. “Its just kind of a goofy, quirky song, just the kind of thing I”m wanting to show people this time around. It”s just kind of my dorkiness.”
Dork or not, Archuleta is pleased that he achieved his songwriting goals with “Down.” Next stop: production. A handful of producers like S*A*M & Sluggo contributed to this effort, but the 2008 AI runner-up sees himself running his own show from behind the decks on a follow-up.
“Production is so influential. I think it”d be good to… have a more cohesive sound. The first album [his 2008 self-titled set], was a huge learning experience. This album, the biggest thing is the lyrics. Especially with songs from ‘American idol,” those served a different purpose. After this, I want to make every song my own.”
And that may even mean making them his own in another language.
“I really wanna do a Spanish album,” the Utah native mentions, noting that his mom is from Honduras. “I have that Latin culture background. It”s a part of me. I”m not the best Spanish speaker, but I have a longing to connect with that. I just think how supportive the Latin community has been, even during ‘Idol.” I”d like to give back with something like that.”
 He says he hasn”t laid down any tracks for the project yet, noting that it”s all about “the right time. I”m just focusing on getting this project together and stuff.”
Archuleta says he appreciates that “AI” producers went with Jennifer Lopez as a new judge on the show considering the pop star”s Latin background. But no matter who judges, he says, it”s ultimately the crop of contestants and finalists that will keep the FOX singing competition fresh. “It”s always best when you”ve got a lot of personalities.”
David Archuleta”s “The Other Side of Down” hits shelves on Oct. 5. The album is streaming in its entirety here.

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