Is it ‘Congratulations’ or condolences to MGMT on next week’s album chart?

04.16.10 8 years ago

We”ve got a horse race for the No. 1 album spot next week. Will teen moppet Justin Bieber stay at No. 1 or will “Congratulations” be in order for psychedelic rockers MGMT forge ahead to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard 200? It”s too soon to tell with three more days of sales.

Right now, Hits Daily Double gives a slight edge to Bieber”s “My World 2.0,” in part because of the boost the title received from Bieber”s appearance on “Saturday Night Live”  on April 10, but only 5,000 or so copies split the two right now.  After weeks of 100,000+ titles at No. 1, it also looks like the threshold for the top spot will be around 85,000 copies.

In all likelihood, Usher will be at No. 3, Lady Antebellum will hang at No. 4 and we”ll see the new title from Coheed & Cambria  come in at No. 5 with sales of around 60,000. No other acts debut in the Top 10, although Jeff Beck”s first set in seven years will debut around No. 14, with Natalie Merchant”s new set is poised to bow at No. 16.

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