Watch: Jim Carrey, Will Ferrell play Reagan and Bush in ‘SNL’ Presidential Reunion

03.03.10 8 years ago

In a historical moment for “Saturday Night Live” fans, a slew of former “SNL” players joined current cast member Fred Armisen in a “Presidential Reunion” on Will Ferrell’s Funny or Die website. 

Directed by Ron Howard, the short features Armisen as President Barack Obama, Maya Rudolph as Michelle Obama, Darrell Hammond as eternally horny Bill Clinton, Ferrell as his iconic George W. Bush, Dana Carvey as pops Bush, Jim Carrey as a resurrected Ronald Reagan, Dan Aykroyd as home builder Jimmy Carter and Chevy Chase as the bumbling ghost of Gerald Ford. 

The reason for the reunion (Carrey was the only actor not a castmember on “SNL”) was to highlight the importance of the Consumer Financial Protection Agency.  The former Presidents cop to their mistakes that Obama is trying to clean up, but also remind him the CFPA is there to regulate Wall Street whether they like it or not.

As you’d expect, putting such talents in one room has created a bit that’s funnier and more memorable than anything on “Saturday Night Live” this entire season.

Watch the video embedded below for a few laughs.  You can also check out a behind-the-scenes piece on the making of the short below.  For more information on the importance of the CPA visit

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