Johnny Depp didn’t want to disappoint Tim Burton in ‘Alice in Wonderland’

02.25.10 8 years ago

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At this moment, Johnny Depp is shooting his new thriller “The Tourist” with Angelina Jolie in Venice, Italy.  On Friday, however, he’ll find himself in London for the Royal Premiere of “Alice in Wonderland.” 

The expected blockbuster finds Depp reuniting for an amazing seventh time with director Tim Burton.  Speaking at a press conference for “Alice” this past weekend, Depp talked about how much pressure he puts on himself to get his performance right.  Whether it’s Ed Wood, Edward Scissorhands or Willy Wonka, the superstar clearly doesn’t want to disappoint his good friend and director.

“The initial thing for me is to come up with a character, but there is a certain amount of pressure where you go, ‘Jesus, is this the one where I disappoint him?’  [I try to come up] something he hasn’t experienced before and that would stimulate and make him inspire him to make choices based on that character,” Depp says. “I try not to embarrass him basically.”

Audiences will be able to judge for themselves whether Depp succeeds when “Alice” opens in theaters on March 5.  In the meantime, Depp appears as the quirky and emotionally unstable Mad Hatter in one of three new clips from film you can view below.  What moviegoers might find even more entertaining is Helena Bonham Carter’s royally inspired and scene-stealing turn as The Queen of Hearts (which former British Monarch is she mocking?) which are also showcased in the new clips.  Oh, and yes, there is the lovely Mia Wasikowska. Everyone seems to have forgotten about her role as Alice in the “Wonderland.”

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