Karen O and Carter Burwell declared ineligible for Oscar score consideration

01.05.10 8 years ago

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The Yeah Yeah Yeah”s Karen O can stop shopping for an Oscar dress now. The Academy”s music branch has declared her score for “Where the Wild Things Are,” composed with Carter Burwell, ineligible for contention, according to The Wrap.

It seems that the music branch felt that the score contained either tracked themes or pre-existing music or predominant use of songs, all of which would make it ineligible.
The score remains nominated for a Golden Globe for best original score-motion picture.
Don”t look for scores from two other Oscar contenders, “Crazy Heart” or “The Lovely Bones,” to show up either as neither score was submitted. That makes sense in the case of  the “Crazy Heart” score, composed by T Bone Burnett and Stephen Bruton, which is more songs than score. Brian Eno, who composed the score for “The Lovely Bones,” didn”t have the time to submit the paperwork, the film”s representative told the trade website. It sounds easy, but it”s a fairly rigorous process. Plus, as the piece points out, rockers have been excluded before for borrowing too much either from songs in the film that find their way into the score, or, as in the case with Radiohead”s Jonny Greenwood, for including pre-existing music in his score for “There Will Be Blood.” Eno”s “Bones” score included some of his older music.
The Oscars may not show Karen O any love, but she got lucky with the Grammys. As we previously reported, after Miley Cyrus”s “The Climb” was deemed ineligible for a Grammy for Best song written for a motion picture, television or other visual media because it had been shopped around prior to its placement in the “Hannah Montana” movie, Karen O and the Kids” “All is Love” moved into that slot.
The Oscar nominations will be announced Feb. 2. The Oscars will air March 7.

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