Katy Perry joins ‘The Simpsons’ episode, mocks ‘Sesame Street’ flap on ‘SNL’

09.27.10 7 years ago 18 Comments


Katy Perry and her breasts may have been deemed too hot for “Sesame Street,” but “The Simpsons” don’t seem to have a problem with her.

The 25-year-old singer is slated for the Dec. 5 “Simpsons” episode on FOX, dubbed “The Fight Before Christmas,” in a bit of  a rare moment: she will be in a live-action sequence, interacting with puppet versions of the yellow-skinned gang. On top of that, she’s on as Moe’s girlfriend and will be singing the tune “The 39 Days of Christmas.” Happy holidays?

The move is announced a week after Perry’s controversy with “Sesame Street” parents exploded. Some watchers felt Perry’s cleavage-laden sketch with Elmo for a forthcoming ep was too hot for toddlers.

In a statement to EW’s Popwatch, in lieu of the “Simpsons” announcement, series exec producer Al Jean said, “In the wake of Elmo”s terrible betrayal, the Simpsons puppets wish to announce they stand felt-shoulder-to-shoulder with Katy Perry.”

The flap — and Perry herself — have been unavoidable on TV in the past few days. Grover and Elmo showed up on “Good Morning America” on Friday to discuss Perry’s skit removal from the TV episode and the “Sesame Street” YouTube channel. Furry red Elmo noted that he’d like another playdate with the “Teenage Dream” songstress.

Then, of course, Perry was musical guest on “Saturday Night Live” over the weekend, and even poked a little (OK, a lot) of fun at the “Sesame” flap in the “Bronx Beat” sketch, appearing in a too-tight Elmo tee. As HitFix’s SNL recapper Ryan McGee transcribed, the “Beat’s” Maya Rudolph and Amy Poehler quipped, “Today”s show brought to you by the numbers 38 and the letters DD.”

Do you think Katy Perry will make a good guest on “The Simpsons?” Does she deserve a do-over with “Sesame Street?” Was her response on “SNL” a good move?

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