Kelly Rowland orders you to watch her new ‘Commander’ video

07.05.10 7 years ago 4 Comments

If there is one guilty pleasure of the summer so far, it’s Kelly Rowland’s new club anthem “Commander.”  Produced by uber-dance producer David Guetta who has been increasingly visible in the mainstream U.S. market with his collaborations with Akon (“Sexybitch”), Kid Cudi (“Memories) and Fergie (“Gettin’ Over You”), “Commander” is the sort of track that should have all of Lady Gaga’s little monsters take notice.  Incredibly addictive, it’s one of the most pop-friendly tunes Guetta has produced yet.  Oh, wait, nix that.  He co-wrote and co-produced the Black Eyed Peas’ smash — yet incredibly annoying — “I Gotta Feeling.”  Perhaps that’s the point, Guetta and Rowland should be a radio-friendly mix in 2010, but as the July 4th holiday weekend passes us by it still hasn’t happened yet (although the club crowd is doing its best).

In any event, after previously joining forces on the Grammy nominated “When Love Takes Over,” Rowland and Guetta have topped themselves with infectious “Commander.” Unfortunately, the official video is a mess. It finds Rowland in two set-ups: The first seems similar to Janet Jackson’s “Feedback” video if that bizarre concoction didn’t take place on a giant bowl of milk.  Rowland even has Janet’s singular and straight pony tail going (she did see that video right?).  The second half seems like a pseudo homage to Janet and her brother Michael’s iconic “Scream” video with a black and white theme that seems to have no connection to the club scene.  Sadly, it’s a tad awkward considering the limited storyline that appears to thread through the “Feedback” inspired set up.  To somehow tie it in, the “regular” Rowland breaks out of the black and white set transforming into “ponytail” Rowland for no apparent reason.

As disappointing as it is, the video is a huge improvement over Rowland and Guetta’s “Love Takes Over” video (which was a cliche of South Beach videos), but we’re not sure it will help the song get the online buzz it needs to really take off either on the radio or on the increasingly important iTunes (which really gave Gaga her first lift).  At the least, Guetta and Rowland should find themselves with another Grammy nomination in December.

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